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Top Tweets
Nate Smith@what_a_Nate
The Frank Winters flashbacks to his days in WW1 as #FatHead have been my favorite part of @ManhattanWGNA so far, looking forward to more
Liza and Frank Winter the best characters in the show, love them #DontTalk #Manhattan
Julian Spivey@julianspivey44
WGN America captures summer's best new drama with 'Manhattan'… #Manhattan #WGN
Barry R. White@barryrwhite
#transformationtuesday now and 2009.
Lauren Myers@laurenmyers99
#YouKnowYoureNewMexicanWhen your favorite part of an Isotopes game is the Infamous Chile
House of Cards.
Lena Dunham@lenadunham
Twitter really highlights the issue of the mundanity of some our day to day lives continuing even as the world seems to be falling apart.
Rebekah Wiggins@RebekahWiggins5
@Andrew_C_Ormsby @KyleTCowan Kyle, you were fantastic! Congrats on the PHENOMINAL work, "fat head"!
Rachel Brosnahan@RachieBros
Did you miss #ManhattanWGNA this Sunday? Yeah me too...good thing it's on @hulu and @iTunesTV! Go check it and lemme know what you think!
Lauren Myers@laurenmyers99
Oof. Sometimes it's lovely to have unexpected fans :)
Racism was rampant in the 1940s and #manhattanwgna doesn’t flinch in its realistic portrayal of the
Andrew Ormsby@Andrew_C_Ormsby
@KyleTCowan well done on your performence on #ManhattanWGNA this past episode. Very power. #SeeIt #Awesome #TV
WMDs? We invented the deadliest one ever. This video puts last Sunday's #ManhattanWGNA episode in historic context.
Who else is excited to see what @wgnamerica can come up with next? We're really enjoying @ManhattanWGNA so far.
Noel Green@_NoelGreen
Me & Christian Clemenson — Jerry for you #BostonLegal — on #ManhattanWGNA . I was asked to "almost overact." #Honored
@KyleTCowan Glad to find out who your secret character was. Completely changed the way I view Frank Winter.
Hans Karl@Hans_Karl
@KyleTCowan Nice job on @ManhattanWGNA 's last episode. All the best, Hans
Noel Green@_NoelGreen
Our 5 yr old on her homeschool days: "Seems like the hardest to learn is the least complicated." #thankyouindigogirls @Indigo_Girls
Sam Shaw@shawsam
Thanks, @RollingStone! @robsheff on why "#ManhattanWGNA Is One Of Summer 2014's Best Shows":
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