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  • How I Met Your Mother

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  • Rules Of Engagement

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  • 11:10 PM
    You Always Hurt the One You Love
  • 12:30 AM
    How I Met Your Mother
    Purple Giraffe
  • 12:20 AM
    Manhattan Project: Beyond the Bomb
  • 1:00 AM
    How I Met Your Mother
    The Sweet Taste of Liberty
  • 1:30 AM
    How I Met Your Mother
    Return of the Shirt
  • 2:00 AM
    30 Rock
  • 2:30 AM
    It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
    Charlie Wants an Abortion
  • 3:00 AM
    Parasites Lost
  • 3:30 AM
    'Til Death
    The Garage Band
  • 4:00 AM
    Paid Programming
  • 4:30 AM
    Paid Programming
  • 5:00 AM
    WGN Morning News
  • 6:00 AM
    Paid Programming
  • 6:30 AM
    Joyce Meyer: Enjoying Everyday Life
    Enjoy Your Journey
  • 7:00 AM
    Andrew Wommack: Gospel Truth
  • 7:30 AM
    Creflo Dollar
  • 8:00 AM
    Life Today With James Robison
  • 8:30 AM
    Paid Programming
  • 9:00 AM
    Walker, Texas Ranger
    Paradise Trail
  • 10:00 AM
    Walker, Texas Ranger
    Eyes of a Ranger
  • 11:00 AM
    In the Heat of the Night
    When the Music Stopped
  • 12:00 PM
    In the Heat of the Night
    Flowers From a Lady
  • 1:00 PM
    WGN Midday News
  • 2:00 PM
    Law & Order
  • 3:00 PM
    Law & Order
  • 4:00 PM
    Law & Order: Criminal Intent
    Ex Stasis
  • 5:00 PM
    Law & Order: Criminal Intent
  • 6:00 PM
    America's Funniest Home Videos
  • 7:00 PM
    America's Funniest Home Videos
  • 8:00 PM
    MLB Baseball
    Colorado Rockies at Chicago Cubs
  • 11:00 PM
    How I Met Your Mother
    Okay Awesome
  • 11:30 PM
    Rules of Engagement
    Jen at Work
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Richard Schiff@Richard_Schiff
@RachieBros @ashzukerman @shoemoneytonite laying bets
Nate Warren@TheNateWarren
Why, yes, that IS a Parrot riding on the back of a German Shepherd. You're welcome. #AnimalsOfABQ #PublicTranspo2014
Sam Shaw@shawsam
Also present: the man, the myth, the legend @shoemoneytonite (Tommy Schlamme)
Lila Byock@LByock
@shawsam and @ashzukerman, the finest roller Buffalo Thunder has ever seen!
Kyle T. Cowan@KyleTCowan
The new #MazeRunnerTrailer is incredible. Love the book.…
Kurt Bardella@kurtbardella
if you liked the quality of the #westwing you need to check-out #Manhattan on #wgn ruinites #ThomasSchlamme and @Richard_Schiff
Lila Byock@LByock
Craps is just fun enough to compensate for the fact that New Mexico casinos don't allow alcohol. But barely.
Rodney Nagel@RodneyNagel
Lesson 5: "Riding For Actors Class" - "Herding Steers and Shoveling Sh**!" Instructor - Monique Mosher, 350-6798,...
Sam Shaw@shawsam
Also pictured, tho not on Twitter: Daniel London, Chris Denham's hair.
See an interview with MANHATTAN co-stars @RachieBros and @ashzukerman. NEW TIME: Sundays at 10/9c on @wgnamerica.…
Sam Shaw@shawsam
Post-premiere casino blitz with MANHATTANites @Richard_Schiff @katjaherbers @RachieBros @dustythomason @LByock
Kristen Rakes@VentiRed
Really good excuse to go to Toronto- Good Kill at TIFF! via @ropeofsilicon
@Toby_Ziegler now I have proof. sorry @Richard_Schiff, I had to.
Good Nerd Bad Nerd@GoodNerdBadNerd
Did you miss the season premiere of @ManhattanWGNA? You can get it free on @iTunes! #Manhattan @shawsam @RachieBros @KyleTCowan
Ashley Zukerman@ashzukerman
Missed @ManhattanWGNA on sunday? It's available to stream on Hulu. Most recent five episodes are free.…
Richard Schiff@Richard_Schiff
Ellis Island on #Manhattan
Sally Hedberg@SallyHedberg
Ok the pilot of "manhattan" has me sold who wants to come over and watch every Sunday w me?
Scott Brown@scottstagedive
Damn good tomatoes, @Manhattanwgna! Haven't seen approval ratings like that since the Obama pilot.… @RottenTomatoes
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